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The Parental Abduction is when one parent moves or retains a child against the wishes of the other parent in the country other than the child usually lives.

This is particularly the case when the parents come from different countries and cultures. Center is here to help you and provide legal assistance and support in dealing with the present situation.

Important factor in assessing whether a parental kidnapping or not, the child's habitual residence. Habitual residence does not have a clearly defined definition and is not subject to permanent residency or citizenship of the child. It is the place which the child has the closest and most closely connected, visiting here nurseries, nursery or school district has their pediatrician and become familiar with the environment. In the event of such an environment is removed or detained abroad by the other parent, it is a parental abduction.

We can also talk about parental abduction, where one parent who has a court entrusted to the care of the child moves without the consent of the other parent abroad and thus violates his right to contact the child.

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This content is available only in Slovak.