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Fundamental right of the child is to participate in the standard of living of their parents. The Center helps recover alimony in cases where one parent lives abroad.

Although parents are not living in the same household, both have the same maintenance obligations to the child. It follows that the obligation of a parent who does not live with the child in the home to pay maintenance.

Maintenance obligation of parents to take children by the time the child is unable to feed itself. When there is such a legal locked depends on the circumstances, with the decisive factors for the Child are his age, health status, duration of study, the ability to do work, capital and so on.

Centre deals with the recovery of maintenance in cases where a person lives, who has to pay child support abroad and entitled to the territory of the Slovak Republic on the other hand, if the beneficiary lives abroad and requires payment of maintenance from a person who is habitually resident in the territory of the Slovak Republic .

The successful recovery of maintenance is needed decision of the district court , in whose jurisdiction the child resides, or foreign court , in which the liable entity is obliged to pay maintenance at a specified rate and the pre-deadlines.

Center certificate issued for maintenance payments :
– at the request of an authorized person before the application for maintenance payments
– At the request of the ÚPSVAR in accordance with the Act. 201/2008 Z.z. about Alimony

This content is available only in Slovak.

This content is available only in Slovak.
This content is available only in Slovak.